July 20, 2014

Riley Shy, Ace, Andy Parsons

Riley Shy is your typical sweet, all-American white tramp. She isn’t very satisfied with her white boyfriend’s shlong when sized up to a freakishly big pecker like Ace’s! Watch this blinged out gangsta mac-daddy seduce Riley by just suggestively thrusting his crotch in her face! Her eyes get large as dinner plates when Ace unleashes his swarthy, veiny beast. After this babe manages to get her mouth around the damn thing and suck him off, it’s time to see if this babe can handle that hog in her firm little box. Ace spreads those pearly white, slim legs apart and no, he doesn’t just ease it in as much as this boy-friend runs her right through! Interracial action with a nano

July 18, 2014

Miley May, Justin Long

Hater’s gon’ hate! Famous celebrity popstar, Miley May is sick of reading tabloids suggesting she has a loose cooter! Storming into her studio to record her next hit, she asks her producer, Justin Long to sample out her muff to see if its truly as loose as those news rags claim. He tests out her mouth first by sliding his long dark dong in and out of her lips…now for the real banging! He lays this tiny golden-haired college slut on the couch and inserts his rod as gently as he can into her pink fuckhole but as soon as his shlong-head penetrates her vagina lips, Miley shrieks in delight! She can barely handle him as this guy suddenly starts pounding her balls -deep

July 16, 2014

Layla Price, Jerry

Laela Pryce is a marvelous damn sexy girlfriend! She’s got supple, bouncy mounds, a tender fuckable backside but she’s a pumping Christian! After her poor boyfriend, Jerry begs like a hobo for scraps, Laela agrees to let him eat out her juicy, virgin coochie. This chap munches on her box, then flips around to taste her bung. Still not able to actually fuck her, he settles for screwing her feet, fucking her whoppers and finally getting a world-class tugjob that makes him pop his man juice all over her priceless titties!

July 12, 2014

Chloe Love, David Loso

Chloe Love is a breathtaking redhead with an incredibly tight body – after all, she’s only 18 years old! This poor cutie needs money bad so this woman propositions David Loso and he hooks her up with a buddy in porn! David and Chloe are already making out when the director arrives to their hotel room. David slides off her shorts and thongs and fondles her wet, hairless muff. Then, he eases his long cock in her mouth and watches this newbie struggle to please him! Chloe shrieks a little as David’s enormous knob penetrates her nano soaked fuckhole and he keeps pounding that pretty slot and hoses her little zeppelins down in jism!

July 10, 2014

Pamela Price, Cody Sky

Cody Sky has wanted to fuck the bang out of smoking-hot step-mom for awhile so he’s excited and sexually excited as hell when this dude discovers some naked movie scenes of her online! To keep Cody from tattling on her to his dad, Pamela Price nudges close to Cody, unbuttoning her shirt. They kiss as Cody’s hand sneaks underneath Pamela’s suit and fingers her fuckhole. This honey sucks his great massive manhood and then spreads her glorious thighs apart for a fierce vagina-licking! Then, this marvelous MOTHER I’D LIKE TO FUCK assumes the doggy-style position and moans to the high heavens as Cody smashes that wet crack relentlessly!

July 6, 2014

Carter Cruise, Talon

Finally, a real bonafide sex addict! Carter Cruise gets busted by her boss, Talon for surfing the internet during work hours, but it is all valuable because this sweetheart finds his secret computer porn stash and the 2 decide to both keep mum and seal the deal with some EAGER ASS WILD BANGING! No seriously, once Carter gets a hawt manhood in her mouth and beaver, this chick morphs into one of the most sex-crazed strumpets ever caught on film. Calling her a screamer is an understatement! Talon rocks that hot-rump body with some super rough sex, totally PUMPING Carter’s muff with intense, jackhammer strokes. Watch her use her face as a canvas for Talon’s tool brush

July 4, 2014

Dianna Dee, Christian XXX

Christian likes to spy on sexy starlets walking by the bus stop and today is his lucky day when he comes across Latin woman, Diane Dee! The first thing this sweetheart notices about her is her bright yellow neon thong sticking out of her firm jeans. After offering her a ride back to his place, he yanks off her jeans and fishes her dirty tongue in her beaver and chocolate hole and licks that pink taco clean! Then, he smashes that cunt, laying his full weight into all his strokes. See him penetrate that fuckhole and spunk all over her clothes!

June 28, 2014

Lyli Eden, Jovan Jordan

Jovan and his wife just had a fight so Jovan rents out a motel down the street to get away from all the drama. His motel receptionist, Lyli Eden shows what real customer service is when this honey walks in his room and unbuttons her blouse and lets her oversize, heaving bumpers flop out. She immediately begins mouthing Jovan’s big dark manhood and soon enough, she is riding his tool in cowgirl, grinding her large, soaked rump on his lap. After a jumbo titty bang, he pokes that slot one more time and gets his tool sucked again until he ejaculates all over these charming pointer sisters!

June 26, 2014

Sadie Kennedy, Billy Glide

Witness Sadie Kennedy’s first porn flick! This brand new coed is getting naked photos of her taken by Billy when this woman notices his large manhood bulging out of his pants. She decides to relieve the sexual tension by taking out his wide manhood and waxing it in her small mouth. Then, Billy takes this newbie for a real tool ride! This man easily picks up this tasty ginger and unceremoniously drops that pale snatch right on his shaft and pounds that beaver until her tender wet crack is too much for him to bear and this man jizzes all over her perky teen tits!

June 22, 2014

Lexi Little, Mike Deez

Shaven headed fellow Mike Deez has got one rule when it comes to pounding impure street starlets once he is paid his money, he owns that slut for the hour! Consummate body Lexi Little is about to get an extremely rough fucking from the well hung stud after the bareback blow job, the fishnet clad tramp lies down with her legs spread and lets Mike get down on top of her. This chap chokes her dominantly around the neck, making her gag and splutter as this guy starts up a hard, rapid pumping. You can really hear the smacks of his throbbing ballsack against Lexi’s little booty while he drills her! The tramp gets on top, and Mike keeps on with his wicked choking fun.

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